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Welcome Future Arizona and North Carolina Hempsters!

Yesterday the Arizona State Senate approved Industrial Hemp for growth, hemp extraction, hemp processing, and distribution! You can read more about the details covered in Arizona Bill 1337 covered by the Joint Blog here. The momentum for Industrial Hemp is growing nation wide in large part due to our Nation's strong desire to support our farmers.

North Carolina also adopted temporary rules for a pilot program that allows North Carolina farmers to apply to grow Industrial Hemp this season as well while they further develop and hone in on what they want their finalized version to be.

A lot of exciting news coming out almost daily with State Legislators working quickly to get their programs into place before the planting season which will be upon us shortly.


Organic Hemp Extraction provides efficient extraction and processing services in a quick and environmentally sustainable manner in Boulder, Colorado. Our entire production process can be food grade, from start to finish, never utilizing environmentally harmful chemicals or procedures in our process. Our clients work hard to cultivate and nurture the highest quality Industrial Hemp, and value that we take care and pride in making sure we keep their end product as high as possible. If you or someone you know is in need of Industrial Hemp Extraction and Processing services we are available and currently accepting new clients.

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