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Bulk and Wholesale CBD Types Available

If you are looking to purchase extracted CBD to make your own CBD line here is some CBD in process to mix your own products for end user consumption we have CBD available for any and all of you and your Companies' CBD needs. Offering professional and reliable Full Spectrum Raw CBD oil or Full Spectrum Crude CBD oil, Select Spectrum CBD oil, Distillate or CBD Isolate we have them available for 1-5 kilo orders with price breaks starting at 6+kilos.

Premium Full Spectrum CBD- Is a high % Active Cannabinoid CBD that uses the entirety of

Beaker of Crude CBD

the plant profile in a filtered concentrated form that needs to be cut before final release. Retaining the full plant profile makes this advantageous to being the healthiest oral option because you retain any and all chemical makeups of plant you are guaranteeing you are grabbing the full cannabinoid profile so any new or emerging profiles (CBC, CBG, etc) will also be present in this oil. Including a high terpene profile means you can save money by not having to purchase terpenes to add back in. Great for everyday use, and medium to high sporadic pain relief. Works well so long as intended for 90mg CBD/dose or less.

RECOMMENDED FOR: Tinctures, Pills, or topicals (where terpenes would be added in).

Select Full Spectrum CBD- Is a 60% active cannabinoid per gram CBD profile that derives from select profiles that specialize within the range and scope of CBD cannabinoid profiles, but does not pull certain naturally occurring nonvolatile residues such as waxes and terpenes. Works well if intended individual dosage is at or below 195mg/dose.

RECOMMENDED FOR: Pills, topicals, salves, pain relief, and vapes (recommend adding Terpenes).

CBD Distillate- Typically seen as 80% active cannabinoid per gram CBD profile, but 80mg CBD/dose is the highest concentration you can utilize with this. Has no fats, lipids, waxes, chlorophyll, terpenes, or any other naturally occurring nonvolatile residues outside the specific flash point of known Cannabinoid profiles if present CBD, CBC, THC, CBN, CBG.

CBD Isolate- Is a refined crystalized form of only 99.5%+ CBD. In loosing all other ingredients including other Cannabinoid profiles such as THC you can either supplement any of the above if a higher CBD per dosage is needed.

This information has been averaged and uses standard results, and has been averaged for the easier sake of cross-comparison. It should not be used as a dilution table as every batch can be slightly different. Things do change and variables outlined above are averages to give a good relative understanding of the overall categories of CBD available, and why one might lean in one direction or another. However, they are only based on typical mixes so be sure you follow mixing instructions that come in detail and tailored to your specific minimum concentration level.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to let us know, and I can answer that for you as soon as I can. Any question asked more than likely will become the next post or added above (depending on the depth of the question). If you would like to get a quote for current prices for any of the above items.

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